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Who we are

Who we are

Gadorwist is a combined name of 2 ancient keltic words; Gador which means Together and Wist which means United.

Gadorwist currently is featured by 1 Dutch Airsoft player named Steven (29) who started Airsoft in 2019.

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Where ever, when ever, we are ready

We play where we want, when we want. A no-nonsense team who isnt afraid of sun, rain or snow. We fancy all terrains outdoor and indoor.

Professionals in real life, professionals in a game.

Professionals in real life, professionals in a game.

Gadorwist stands for a game which is fair. We think that there is no need for aggression, racism or cheating in or outside of a game.

We do no hesitate to take you with us in this vibe.

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Gadorwist is located in the Netherlands

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